Carburetor replacement

Finally a bit of good weather, and a chance to test if the new head gasket fixed the leak. It worked as intended, and no more leaking, period.

I also managed to source an original Keihin carburetor, so I could replace the China model. You might say that I’m a fanatic, but I do believe that an otherwise Japanese bike such as this, also deserves an original Japanese Keihin carburetor to go along with it.
The carburetor was restored when I bought it, but the threads got stripped in the very second that just a small amount of torque was applied. Luckily I had a holicoil repair kit within arm’s length.
Used a heat gun to soften the fuel lines, which made them come off without too much trouble.

After a bit of tuning, adjustments of the idle and the air screw, it’s now both idling and running close to perfection. Will make a plug reading one day soon, but if any further adjustments needs to be made, I’m sure they’ll be minimal.

Speedometer showed a top speed of 55 km/h.

A few pictures of the carburetor replacement, and a little video from today’s ride.

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