Seriously, why?

Chances are that you ended up here for a reason.
Perhaps you’ve got the desire to create, are fascinated by visual storytelling, or simply just intrigued by old classic Honda mini bikes.
If that’s the case no further explanation should be needed.

If you were lured here by my fancy tags or a friend who’s interest you do not share, then I’m truly sorry. I fail to give you an answer, you either share the passion or you don’t.

Where did you buy all of this stuff?

All around the world – literally.
I’ve purchased items from the following locations so far, links included for your convenience.

DK – Erik Ludvigsen (highly recommended)
(Phone: 96954080 | E-mail: daxerik@hotmail.com)
No website available, #1 local source for original parts and repairs

DK – www.daxshop.dk

DE – www.trp-productions.de

NL – www.cmsnl.com

UK – www.davidsilverspares.co.uk

JP – www.fvej.com

DK – Kenth Hansen (not recommended)
No website available, lurking in different moped groups on Facebook.
He was the guy who build my engine to begin with. The story about that disaster can be found here.

DE – www.daxanized.com (not recommended)
Sold reproduction parts that were being marketed as original parts.
Did not want to reimburse freight costs etc.

How did you figure out what parts were needed?

I found some great schematics at one of the above mentioned sites; CMS.
They’ve got lots of schematics for all sorts of bikes. Without these I wouldn’t have gotten far.

Since CMS wasn’t able to answer all of my questions I also had to look elsewhere.
Below mentioned ressources definitely deserves to be mentioned, since they’ve been of great value to me so far.

DK – www.4stroke.dk

DK – www.facebook.com/groups/577672592363669/

DK – www.facebook.com/groups/898253683600785/

UK – www.monkeyrun.co.uk

US – www.lilhonda.com (highly recommended)

US – www.planetminis.com

US – www.tearitupfixitrepeat.blogspot.com (highly recommended)

How did you assemble it all?

I didn’t. I’m still trying. With a lot of guidance from skilled people found online and in the “real world” as well. Hard work and a lot of patience.