Obstacles on the road #2

Finally time for an update on the Honda Dax project. It’s like a never ending story for me, there seems to be no closure what so ever. Perhaps it’s a good thing, since closure would force me upon a new project, and I’m lacking a bit of space in the shed currently.
I have however had a bit of progress since my last post, but also a little setback.

First things first.
Moved the needle clip one notch higher up, to get a leaner mixture. This solved the issue with the engine dying on me, and downsizing the main jet wasn’t needed after all.

The carburetor issue was “fixed” as well. I simply gave up and ditched the old model, and acquired a new reproduction model in the end.
I figured out that the fuel level wasn’t too high after all, simply removed the bowl and checked the level, all good here, but still fuel kept leaking from the air screw. This would have made sense if the float was stuck, so that the fuel kept on flowing to the carburetor, but this clearly wasn’t the case.
The only explanation I can think of is a small malfunction in the routing of the fuel, and that this 46 years old carburetor simply was a bit too worn out.
I do however still hope that I’ll be able to replace the reproduction model with an original (well working) model in a foreseeable future.

After a little ride, that otherwise went very well, I realized that I now had a new problem. I saw that there was a bit of oil leaking from between the cylinder and the engine head. The engine head was torqued at 10 nm, so I decided to torque it at 12 nm, which is in the higher end of the recommended range, but still within. The Honda shop manual says 6.5 – 9 ft-lb, which equals 8.8 – 12.2 nm.

It sadly did not solve the issue entirely, but it helped a lot. There is only a tiny leak, and only when running the bike. I will try and have the gasket between the cylinder and the engine head changed, and hopefully this will stop the leak completely.

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