Full throttle all the way

I showed you in a previous post how the throttle cable is connected to the carburetor.
Nothing wrong with that guide, it’s still valid – but there is one minor detail though.

I wasn’t able to move the throttle more than just a tiny bit with the spring installed, making me think that the cable was simply too short. You can see the travel length of the inner wire with the spring removed here:

Below you’ll also find a picture with the spring installed.
As you can see, there’s cruise control on this little beast, and it’ll never stop, but keep on going.

I checked the throttle cable length however, and it all appeared to be good.
I furthermore checked the cable tension adjuster, and that was screwed all the way in.
I then had to check if I had to check the other end of the throttle cable, and see if I had remembered to install the throttle stop correctly,  with the threaded end pointing towards the throttle pipe. I had.

After being on the verge of giving up, I came to think of one last thing that I could check; the length of the swan neck on the top set. Grabbed a measurement band, and send the dimensions to the supplier – since I had nothing to compare with.
He came back to me and told me that he had indeed shipped me a wrong version, that was a bit too long!

One good thing came out of it though.
The throttle was never able to return by itself, so while having to disassemble the throttle setup, I decided to remove the vinyl grip in order to see what was going on.
As you can see below I saw that I had actually left the throttle grip screw standing a bit too proud of the inner collar, causing friction against the vinyl grip.
It was a simple matter of cross-threading though, and a plier and some WD-40 helped me save it, so that I could tighten it properly.

I trimmed the lip of the vinyl grip as well, in order to avoid it rubbing too hard against the throttle stop, and gave gave all the moving parts (hinge and the inside of the throttle pipe) some lithium grease.
The reason for not removing the entire lip of the vinyl grip, is that I hope to avoid an otherwise (so I’m told) obnoxious rattling.

Final outcome: No more sticky throttle issues, it springs right back (all the way now) to idle when releasing the grip.

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