Engine head – helicoil madness part 2

Once again I was in for a little surprise.
As you can see in the post about helicoil madness, I thought that I had finally managed to tighten the intake manifold. Well, I actually had, it just didn’t last that long.

It took me only one day to realize that the good bolt hole wasn’t that good after all.
The helicoil had simply managed to extract itself over night, and could not withstand the torque of 8 nm – apparently the hole had been drilled too big to begin with.

I tried to save it with some Loctite 262, but that didn’t hold up.
Solution: Going one size up, re-threading both bolt holes in the engine head with an 7M helicoil kit, and drilling larger holes for the new bolts in the intake manifold.

Finally I was able to torque it at the recommended values without any issues.
I am however quite good at keeping myself busy, so I decided to strip the threads in another hole while fastening the finned engine head cover, all by hand.
That hole is now re-threaded as well, and withstand a torque of 8 nm.

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